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Single Thread Taps and Dies

M6.5 x.5 Tap                                          Jowo/ Schmidt

This tap fits the current  Jowo (sold by Meister Nib) style #5 feed assembly and the Schmidt roller ball conversion feed as well as a couple others.

.  Use a "B" drill bit for this tap.


M6.5 x .5 Die

Usefull if you want to make a mandrel to hold your front section or to chase the threads on the feed itself. Some times the feed has small fins or is slightly out of round from production.



M6.5 x .5 set

Buy Both at the same time and save.


M6.5 x.75

M 6.5 x .5

M6.5 x .75

Used on  the older style #5 feed assemblies from Meister Nib, (those are discontinued)  U.S made.

Currently out of stock.

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Because shipping overseas is set at a flat rate we will refund the difference between that and the actual costs to ship the taps and or dies  after they are shipped.