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Inlay  areas to match several of our cap and nib pieces or use it by itself.  Apx. 5/16 8.3mm tall and 13mm 1/2 in dia. it is relief cut to fit over an 11mm 7/16 apx, dia. lower body.



This center band has 6 recessed areas textured for decoration.  it is aprox. .210 (5.3mm) tall by .475 (12.9mm) dia. relief cut to fit over a .400/10mm lower body.



his center band is for the 7mm slim line style pens. It has 6 flats around the band but is not intended for inlay. It is apx. 2.80 (7.2MM) tall and 8.3mm in dia. (.325)



Made for a 7mm pen that is wider than the normal slim lines it measures aprox .260 (6.6mm) tall and .410 (10,45mm) in dia. It has 6 recessed areas to use for inlay should you choose to..



This is a smooth band, Custom Cigar style center band. It fits over the lower tube  transmission coupler.  The coupler (not shown) is included with the center band  but it is not Sterling silver but satin silver plated.



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