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Bayonet /stone set

Our simple bayonett style with a 3mm hole. As is  or inset a stone. Includes the silver washer to fit the tube size of your choice. Apx. 1.5 inches long


# 4022

Textured center  tapered clip

$ 18.00

# 4023

Small snake crawling down the pen from the top. It is made to be used on 7mm  or 8mm tube pens.

$ 35.00

# 4025

Large snake For Cigar style size pens or 10mm and 10.5mm upper tubes.


# 4027

Made to be bolted or screwed on to the outside of the pen.

Hammered texture surface


# 4028

Areas for inlay  in the body  and the triangle at the bottom


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Fp 5000 postable, made with Koa, Maple, and Ebony.