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FP 6000

Fp 6000 series

Upper tube 14.5 mm

Lower Tube 11.5

Cap outside diameter .650  (16.5mm)

Body outside diameter  .570  (15.2mm)

FP 6000 B510 Kit

Bock #5 Niib / Feed assembly


FP 6000 B610  Kit

Bock #6  Nib /Feed assembly


FP 6000 M510 Kit

Meister Nib #5 Nib /Feed assembly


FP 6000 M610 Kit

Meister Nib #6 Nib / Feed assembly


Fp 6000 RW Kit

Schmidt Roller  Writer  front section



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Pen Kits can be ordered as Postable. Leave a message in the comment section when checking out or contact us through an email

You can order your kits with solid caps  on either or both ends or insert areas cut into either of them.

Postable lower ends are soldi.