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Cigar style nib, It fits the standard cigar 10mm tubes. Parker style refills. You will need to cut a longer lower tube to use a this nib.  

$30.00 each


This cigar nib is .100 longer than #1016 it is also rounder. You will have to trim the lower tube to use it with a standard Parker style refill and custom cut the tube for a roller ball refill. 10mm tubes

$35.00 each


10mm tube

This nib is used to make the custom inlayed cigar pen on the top of the  page.

 6 recessed areas , apx 3/16 sq. for custom inlay.

$35.00 each


This nose cone fits in 3/8 tubes it uses Parker style for roller ball refills and works great for click pens,you will need to custom fit the length of the tube to suit.

$35.00 ea

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Custom Cigar, Inlayed nose cone 1018, center band and cap,

Nose Cone for 3/8 tubes

Nose cones for Cigar style pens.