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 In order  to be concentric, nibs must be turned and trued on the lathe after casting. All the parts are made to be glued in at final assembly. Use of a pen press would damage the finish on Sterling Silver. Special care must be taken not to drop and damage the parts.

 Nose cones for 7/32 K&S tubes.


Not as rounded as Part no 1001 for a crisper line to the pen body,  it also fits the7/32 tube.

Cross style refill or Parker style with adaptation

$8.00 ea


 Slightly rounded, giving  a bullet shape tip it is approximately .800 from the shoulder to the tip made for the slim line styles,  It fits a 7mm tube.  Made for a cross Cross style refill it can be adapted for the Parker style refill.

$24.00 ea


Straight lines with a shoulder aprox 7/16 long from shoulder to tip. Fits the 7/32 tube with a Cross style refill.

$8.00 ea

# 1005

Fits 7mm tubes

stepped shoulder and a second step out at the tip.

SLimline style

$15.00 ea

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7mm Nose Cones for Slimline.

7mm upper tubes, 7/32 lower tube uning a #1005 nose cone.


Stepped Nose cone for 7mm tubes,  Made for cross refills


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Straigh taper wiith no step  for 7mm tubes


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Custom Slim line using 7mm

Tubes, Custom snake clip , textured custom center band .

Resin body.

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