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     The 950 series

Upper tube 7/16 (11mm)

Lower tube 3/8 (9.5mm)

Outside diameter of the cap .487 (12.5mm)

Outside diameter or the body  .425 (11mm)

Number #5 niib, Roller ball , or Roller writer

FP 950

 FP 950 Kits

The Full kits includes a choice of  front section styles Nib feed assembly's and Nib. Cap style, Tubes , ink cartridge  or Roller Ball refill,  Clip,  and Bushings.  Custom clips cap/finials are available.

Fp 950-B58.4 Kit

Bock Feed assembly  for #5  choice of cap styles , front section style and  clip.


FP 950-M58.4 Kit

Mieister Nib feed assembly, choice of front section style, cap style and clip


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