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FP 1000

Fp 1000 series

Upper tube 7/16  (11 mm)

Lower Tube 10 mm

 Cap outside diameter .500 (12.5 mm)

Body outside diameter .440 (11.7mm)

Both  the cap/finials on the upper and lower tubes can be made smaller for  a tapered body and cap. Available in #5 Nibs, Roller Ball front end and Roller Writer. The cap from the 950 sieries will also fit this kit making a smaller diameter  cap of  .485

FP 1000 M58.4 Kit

Mesiter Nib #5, contoured front section , or straight front section.


FP 1000B58.4 Kit

Compl;ete kit wihith Bock #5 nib contoured  front section


FP 1000 Rb Kit

Complete klit but with  Roller Ball front section


FP 1000 WR Kit

Complete kit but wiith a Schmidt Roller Writer front section


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