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Clips can be attached to any  size washer to match the diameter of the pen your making or to the cap. They also can be ordered with a straight tab for invisible set clips. The washers that attach to the clip have to be turned to the finished inner diameter and then turned to the final outer diameter  for the top of the pen body, They  are then silver soldered to the clip  and re polished.

# 4001

A very elegant straight clip. Classic styling great for letting the pen stand out.


# 4002

Strong thick clip  with  nice soft curves



This clip is great for inlaying either a matching piece from the blank or an accent color  to set off the pen. This is the clip on the blue custom inlayed pen featured in the header above.


# 4005

Textured insert pattern



Definitely  a different clip,  a  snake  for a unique look on a pen.

$ 16.00

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