S2000 Kits
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S2000 Kits

S2001  Twist pen

Basic Stereling Silver Kit with  an 8mm tube to make the  lower  unit. Uses a twist transmission for the refill.

Solid  smooth center band . Choose a clip style, comes with a smooth cap/.


S2003  Click pen

Click pen with  8mm  tube for lower unit.  Stepped center band, choice of clip ,smooth  cap. (Not shown)  same style as the S2001 pen.


S2004 Twist Pen kit

Click pen with  solid silver lower unit.

Stepped contour nose cone and center band, 4048 clip and smooth cap. As shown.


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S2001 pen

S2004 pen


The 2004 style pen  only  with a click mechanism instead of  a twist one.  


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A solid lower nose cone with flutes. Matching flutes in the cap wiith a twist mechanism for the refill.


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A solid silver nose cone with flutes. Matchin flutes in the silver cap part but a click mechanism  for the refill. The click cup and button on top are solid silver. The click mechanism is a modified Schmidt  solid brass mechanism.



The S2000 kit can be either a click pen  or a twist pen.

The click mechanism is a Modified Schmidt part that the cup and button are removed and replaced with solid silver parts. This gives the pen solid silver parts top and bottom.  The fluted version has been updated to havelonger deeper flutes  that give the flutes more contrast on the finished pen.  The contoured pen is a favorite and you can custom order the S2000 as a solid smooth nose cone although it tends to look like a silver spike.

Different clip styles can be used on these kits just make a note of it on the order or email me with your requests.