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Center Bands can be as simple as a 3mm (-1/8 ) thick band or as elaborate as the inlayed pieces or basket weave pattern for the custom style  fountain  pens.


Apx .220 tall and .500 in dia.


slightly rounded on the bottom there is a relief cut to cover over  the bottom body up to 11mm, 7/16 dia.

$10.00 ea


Apx. 1/16 in  (2mm) tall this is an excellent band for capping the lower  end of the upper tube on  a Sierra style pen. Apx .480 or 1/2in in diameter.  It gives a nice detail without over powering your blank



This is the inlay center band piece for the custom cigar.  The  connecting piece on the lower tube fits up inside the center band.


$30.00 ea


 Aprox .200in tall (5mm) 1/2 or 13mm in diameter it has a wide center step  the bottom is relief cut for a 10mm dia body.

$10.00 ea


Aprox 1/8 in tall (3mm) and 1/2 dia (13mm)the bottom is rounded over and is relief cut to cover an 11mm  bottom blank.. Perfect for a custom Euro style pen

$6.00 ea

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Custom Snake cigar with 4mm plain center band, and custom snake clip.

Walnut pen body.